about us

about us

Our company, which operates in the automotive sectors, was established in Istanbul in 2010;

In the automotive sector, it provides individual and corporate, passenger or commercial vehicle rental services for short and long term.

Our services

With our professional staff, we offer a wide range of vehicles of all brands and models, from passenger or commercial vehicles to be used in the field, to senior executive vehicles.

In operational leasing, we offer individual or corporate leasing, delivery and pick-up, service/maintenance services throughout Turkey.

When you rent a car from us, what you need to think about is to use it with pleasure.

Working with us does not cost you the trouble and expense of the vehicle; will provide the advantages of having comfort and convenience.

With quality service, customer satisfaction and honest working principles, we are pleased to rent all the passenger or commercial vehicles you need safely and without any problems.

We guarantee in advance that we will provide you with a different service in this field…
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